Aubade - Dawn Songs of the Fabulous Birds

(2002-2003) for Brass Band (dur: 17:00)
Commissioned by The Norwegian Band Federation for the European Brass Band Championship in Grieghallen, Bergen, 2003.
I remember as a kid the very early morning wake-up ceremonies caused by Seagulls having a “party” outside our home. Very few would describe it as beautiful, particularly not at 4:30 in the morning...

But by listening carefully to birds I was fascinated by their diversity and musical language: they don´t sing tunes or long phrases, they rather make sounds and signals, based on short motives.

Aubade is based on musical pictures of the imaginary birds: the creatures with wings that exists only in myths and legends.

The whole story starts with a Baritone-cadenza that evoke all the sleeping creatures. Very soon they all start to sing their songs in one way or another.

The composition has a burlesque scherzo-character including slow espressive intersections. Traditional elements like melody and harmony is combined with extensive sounds and textural effects created by use of multiple muting, singing and playing at the same time.

I am not too concerned about having a program for the piece. I just know that by thinking of the unheard dragon-songs, griffin-songs, the sound of the dodo, my creativity was stimultated.

As a piece of music, Aubade follows its own rules based on well-known elements like melodies, arpeggio-figures, harmonies, rhythms, variations and recapitulation of ideas.