5 Lieder nach Gedichten von Stein Mehren

5 sanger til dikt av Stein Mehren

3-2-3-2, 4-2-2-1, Timp, Perc (1), Harp, Celesta, Voice (Mezzo-soprano), Strings

(2016) Commissioned by GMD Philippe Bach/Meininger Hofkapelle.
Solist: Carolina Krogius, mezzo-soprano

The poems are collected from the cycle "Det andre lyset" (1989) by the Norwegian poet Stein Merhen 



Boreas Blows

(Boreas Blæs)

2-2-2-2 4-2-2-1 Timpani (2 players), Perc (1 player), Strings

(2014) Commissioned by Stormen, Bodø, with support from The Norwegian cultural fund. Dur: 5´
First perfomance by NOSO (Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra) conducted by Christian Lindberg, as a part of the live broadcast show (NRK) celebrating the opening of the concert house Stormen.

It is my second orchestral piece about the North Wind, Boreas. 
Published byNorsk Musikforlag


Wind Eyes

(2007) for orchestra, 3-3-3-3-4-3-3-1-perc-strings (manus) (dur: 15:30)
Commissioned by Ung Symfoni/Kjell Seim


(2013) for Orchestra (dur: 23)

Bestilt av Ung Symfoni med støtte fra Det Norske Komponistfond

Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra

(The Cry of Fenrir)

(1997, rev.98/99 and 2003) for 2-2-2-2-4-2-3-0-2-solo tuba - strings (www.nb.no) (dur: 15:00)
First performed by Frode Amundsen in Oslo 1998, Official world premiere in Trondheim 2003. Slightly revised before the second performance of the work in Malmø in april 2004 with Frode and Malmø SO. Frode played it again in May 2006 with Umeå SO

Recorded by Eirik Gjerdevik/Pleven Filharmoniske Orkester/Bjørn Breistein, dir. (LAWO classics)

Ars vivendi

(2014) for kor, vibrafon og strykeorkester. Dikt av Georg Johannesen.
Bestilt av Collegium Musicum med støtte fra Norsk kulturråd og Komponistenes vederlagsfond.

Verket er tilegnet min kone Hege


(2013-14) Tre stykker over et dikt av Stein Mehren, for saxofon og strykeorkester.
Bestilt av Ola Asdahl Rokkones med støtte fra Komponistenens vederlagsfond.

1. sats: "...vekten av det lys..." (study no. 1 for Alto Saxophone and String Orchestra)

2. sats: "...som alle begynner å glitre..." (study no. 2 for Alto Saxophone and String Orchestra)

3. sats: "...gåten er ikke tid og rom..." (study no. 3 for Alto Saxophone and String Orchestra)

Le Cuirassè Potemkine

Panserkrysseren Potemkin

(2014) for ensemble/small orchestra and silent movie.

Commissioned by Orchestre Régional de Basse-Normandie, for Festival Les Bóreales, with support from Hordaland County Cultural department.

Concerto for Trumpet and String Orchestra


(1996, rev.97/99) for Solo Tpt and Strings: 6-6-4-4-2 (www.mic.no) (dur: 16:00)
Trumpet Concerto - Hommage, in four movements, commissioned by ISCM Norway - Bergen for Ole Edvard Antonsen. First perfomed by him in Bergen. Revised after the first performance

Concerto for Cello and Orchestra

(1995/96) for 2-2-2-2-4-2-3-2-solo cello - strings (www.mic.no) (dur: 24)
This work was composed for and performed by an youth orchestra. The cello-part was composed for a professional soloist and played by Aage Kvalbein

The Fourth Angel

(concerto for trumpet and sinfonietta)

(1992/01) for trumpet and sinfonietta (1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-pno-solo tpt-strings (1-1-1-1-1) (www.mic.no) (dur: 10:30)
Premiered and recorded by Bodø Sinfonietta


(2011) for Accordion, Harp and String Orchestra (dur: 18)

Commissioned by Jostein Stalheim

Føniks Songar

(2011) for orchestra 2-2-2-2-4-3-3-1-4 perk - 2 solo flutes - strings (dur: 11)

Commissioned by Magne Åsnes/De Unges Orkesterforbund Hordaland for sommerkurset 2011


(2009/2010) for 3-3-3-3-4-3-3-1-perc-(additional ensembles, childrens chiore) strings (MIC) (dur: 65)

Commissioned by Ung Symfoni/Kjell Seim with support from the Norwegian cultural fund

Cantilena IV - Lavvo blues

Commissioned by Arctic Trombone Festival in 2015. The festival invited me to write for the famous bass trombone player Charles Vernon from Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He was joined by string players from Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra.

The piece is my fourth cantilena, pieces the focus on the singing qualities in solo writing for brass instruments.


Reverie was commissioned by conductor Stian E. Svendsen in 2013 and the piece is dedicated to him. The first performance was in Kristiansund the 17th of May 2016.