Reverie was commissioned by conductor Stian E. Svendsen in 2013 and the piece is dedicated to him. The first performance was in Kristiansund the 17th of May 2016.

To compose is a very direct, active and intense way to be creative. What if you could dream the music and then write it? Or you see something that is inspiering and then write the impression in music, like a painter. Sometimes you think you have experienced something, but realize that have only been slumbering. Can this be a source for creativity?

Reverie is an attempt to answer the questions above. It is an attempt to write a musical impression that I actually did not experience. In a way it is me dreaming.

To make the piece I rewrote and extended passages of the music from the third movement of Dampsanger (Steamsongs) from 2007. This particular movement is called Calm Lake and was inspired by the lake Mjösa. I have only seen programmes on TV, I have read about it and I have seen many beautiful pictures, but never touched the water.

Reverie is the musical picture of how I think it would be to relax by the shores of lake Mjösa.

Published by Norsk Musikforlag