(2011) for Accordion, Harp and String Orchestra (dur: 18)

Commissioned by Jostein Stalheim

Føniks Songar

(2011) for orchestra 2-2-2-2-4-3-3-1-4 perk - 2 solo flutes - strings (dur: 11)

Commissioned by Magne Åsnes/De Unges Orkesterforbund Hordaland for sommerkurset 2011

Random Grumble

(2011) for Bass Clarinet, Bass Trombone, Tuba, Percussion and modified Turn Table.

The turn table was modified by Roald Sletteland, who also had the consept for this project.
He put side 2 of the album Arrival by ABBA (released 1976) on the turn table that was controlled by an random algorithm.

It was possible to recognize some of the music even if it is played very slowly or very fast, or after a few seconds playing one tune in a modified way, suddenly moved to antoher tune.
I recorded one version of the music that came out of it.

To make sure that the random operation is taken care of in the score I ask for two dice. Each section of the score is marked with a number between 2 and 12.

Before a performance, the players have to throw the  two dice 22 times. These number decide the form of the piece in one performance.
They also use a stop watch to control the duration of exactly 10 minutes after the first note is played.
The quartet can also be performed with the turn table as a fifth instrument.

Modified turn table: Roar Sletteland (roar(at)bek.no
Recording of the modified turn table: Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen (t.aagaardnilsen(at)online.no

Commissoned by Ny Musikk Bergen with support from The Norwegian Cultural Fund.