(1993) for Piano ( (dur: ca. 6)

Written for James Clapperton.
The commission was initiated by Geir Johnson and first performance was at Music Factory in Bergen.

The Hot-house theory explains why earth is such a good place for growth and life. But if human activity continue to send hugh amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, it will cause a negative effect: It gets too warm.

A Hothouse is also a place where conditions are perfect for growth. In this case a small motif becomes a piece of music.


(2000 - revised 2002) for Piano ( (dur: 13)
In three movements. Commissioned by Professor Einar Røttingen, Bergen

Blue Fragments

(2008) for Violin, Cello, Piano and Percussion (manus) (dur: ca. 10)
Commissioned by Håkon Kristiansen/Ensemble Blå
with support from the Norwegian cultural fund.


Blue Traces

(Blå spor)

(2006-2010) for solo piano (dur: 16) Recorded on LAWO Classic

"..Men min hovedinteresse i hans program er Blue Traces
av Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen. Jeg ville
hatt vanskelig
for å gjette at dette var av en norsk komponist:
Det første verket er i en skjør Debussy-lignende
som omformes over den sentrale scherzoen til en mer messiansk stil.."
Martin Anderson - Klassisk musikkmagasin